Best Hotel in Dharamshala With the True Essence Of Himalayan Culture and Hospitality

05th Jul 2019 hotel, resort

Hotel The Quartz Dharamshala  is one of the best hotel in Dharamshala and you can have the privilege of staying in this beautiful property just by making the online or offline hotel booking in Dharamshala at hotel the Quartz Dharamshala. This property is built with modern luxury and utmost comfortable infrastructure which is a real treat for their guests. They mainly have three categories of rooms. categories of rooms are named as deluxe rooms, suite rooms and executive suite rooms. All of which has a private balcony area giving the mesmerizing view of the divine Himalayan and Dhauladhar Mountain range. It is the most beautiful natural views you have ever seen in your whole life. This Himalayan brothers hotel will give you the absolute relaxation to the core and keeps your soul at peace with nature.

best hotel in dharamshala

Hotel The Quartz Dharamshala pampers their guests by providing them grande, lavish and luxurious stay with all the possible modern amenities and beautiful natural surroundings; which happens to be the best venue possible to stay in Dharamshala and one of the finest family hotel in Dharamshala. Situated near the natural ambience of mountains, this property is also located nearby from the very famous Dharamshala cricket stadium. And it is one of the most popular hotels near Dharamshala cricket ground which has amazing natural view and traditional style hospitality services. In fact it is also counted among one of the best hotels near dalai lama temple Dharamshala, by the leisure travelers.


They have their very own multi cuisine restaurant providing you mouth watering dishes to satisfy your taste buds and your ultimate hunger. This luxury hotel awaits you with fine hospitality, elegant ambience and delicious cuisine.

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state in all the seasons, no matter wherever you go; you will get to see different shades of nature all around you. Dharamshala is one of the most beautiful cities in Himachal Pradesh. You can also witness the pristine green valley as well as enjoy the snow capped Himalayan and Dhauladhar mountain ranges. The nature all around you will be just majestic, serene and beautiful. To reach Dharamshala, you can have an easy accessible drive either from delhi or amritsar to siddhpur; and on route you can enjoy the divine and beautiful Himalayan and Dhauladhar mountain range.

It’s all for you, your family and friends. So, go for Himalayan brothers tour and hotel without a second thought in your mind, because you will enjoy a lot with very comfortable stay and make lots of memories to cherish for a lifetime with your loved ones.